Meet the Team


Isabel Fields


Isabel Fields is currently a student at Smith College class of '21 in Northampton, Massachusetts. Isabel is a Los Angeles, CA native and is an avid feminist and human rights advocate, Isabel has immersed herself in fighting for change. Prior to starting FEM, Isabel interned at Human Rights Watch, UNESCO Center For Peace, and worked with Planned Parenthood, Half the Sky as well as the Afghan Institute of Learning. Isabel hopes to change the way we talk about periods and provide essential supplies to the homeless women of Los Angeles.  

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Shirley Chen

Content Creator

Shirley Chen is a LA-based seventeen-year-old with a love for theatre; collaging; and of course, hedgehogs. Chen also runs an online magazine called Ai-Ya for young women and women of color to embrace the beauty in their diversity! She can’t wait to learn as much as she can here—about everything from social media content and marketing, to menstrual care, to female empowerment—and looks forward to working with you all!

Sadie Rochman

Social Media Coordinator Intern

Sadie Rochman currently attends Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences, loves to dance, create art, and lend a hand in her community. She is extremely interested in female empowerment, and providing underserved women with the necessities they deserve. Sadie enjoys using social media as a platform to spread awareness about issues she notices in her community and plans to work with FEM to help spread the word through Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.